Friday, 17 September 2010

Poorly Poppy

Poppy has not been very well over the last few days, she has had a high temperature and not been with it at all, so on Wednesday evening after Nanny looking after all day, it was 'Daddy's' time to look after Poppy, so we took to the loft (yes Uncle Nik we are looking after your room!) and set up 'Camp Butler' ... we had milk, and on the iPad 'Cars' was playing .. 'Cars' being the current favourite film!

I am pleased to report that Poppy is on the mend, both of us have taken the day off  (while Mummy has to work!) and we are currently watching 'Cars' (yes again) and having a lazy morning in bed .. Poppy is currently taking her stickers out of her magazine and sticking them up her arm, that is of course after our morning tea party!

Its rock and roll in the Butler household this morning!

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