Monday, 15 March 2010

Mothers day

Yesterday was Mother's Day, so I hope all you Mummy's out there had a good day.

The Southern Butler's took a little road trip to hook up with the
Northern Butler's, and also the Devon Cox's.

There was 10 adults 3 kids! We descended upon the Bridport Arms hotel for lunch and then back to Pam & George's new home, which i have to say is lovely, even if the wallpaper is a bit weird! I have been told that it will go as soon as possible!

Anyway, back to me! Saturday morning and Poppy & Daddy went into town whilst I was at college and came back with a box full of cup cakes.
One of them had Mum written on it as shown in pic.  I also had a lovely card and flowers from Poppy.

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