Sunday, 14 February 2010

Update on Poppy sleeping in her big girls bed!

As promised, a quick update on Poppy and her big girl's bed!  After a week of Poppy being all over the place, I think we have cracked it!  Well, sort of.  She goes to sleep OK now, we say goodnight, tuck her in, she has a 2 min cry and then rolls over and sleeps!

However, she then wakes about 11pm, comes into us and then I spend 20 mins trying to get her back into her bed!  Eventually that done, about 3am she wakes up and comes in to us, sorry "mama".  I then lose the will to live and put her in bed with us!  After holiday we are gonna get tough.  She has to learn that her bed is lovely and she must stay there all night! 

She is so grown up now, that I almost forget she is only 20 months old!

PS.  Poppy's bed is very comfy, and I think I may just swap with her!

Jo Butler (Mrs)

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