Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Good Evening ...

Day 1 is nearly complete and i thought it was worth letting our readership know how we blog, and what gadgets we are using!  That or i just want to talk gadgets for a few moments while the wife soaks in the bath!!
So .. as you can see from the picture we have a few gadgets with us on this trip, and i have to say, there are a few more!  What you see in the picture is a Powermat, which we are using to charge all our gadgets,  you can charge 3 gadgets at a time, with only one power supply, it works on contact, so you only need one power socket, and as its a travel Powermat it comes with inter-changeable power leads!
When we blog we have a few choices .. i have my laptop with me and we both have our iPhones with us.  When Jo blogs she just sends an e-mail to the blog website and it is converted into the blog that you read!  Our connection is supplied by a black box called a MiFi .. it connects to the internet via a mobile phone operator, and as long as the mobile signal is strong, we can connect up to 5 devices to the outside world.  So we have 2 iPhones and a laptop connected to the outside world!

So there you go .. that is how we blog!

We also have our cameras with us, so stand-by for a few pictures!

We have had a good evening .. we went to one of the hotel's restaurants which was one of those restaurants where you can watch the chefs cook .. a kitchen theatre as they call it .. it was really interesting to watch and the food was excellent.

We are now heading for an early night, so we are up early and can drop off our luggage, we checked in early at home, online .. !!

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