Sunday, 15 November 2009

Bed head!

Sunday morning, and all is a little calmer this morning after the storms of yesterday morning, we did think at one point that we might take off and land in Oz!

Poppy is on the mend, but still not quite herself at the moment, we had a PJ and sofa day yesterday, but have all managed to make it to the shower this morning and get dressed! 

Poppy is currently having her mid morning doze, and her Dad is thinking similar!  While Jo is currently colouring in a giraffe!

As mentioned, the storms of yesterday hit a lot of the south coast, and one place that holds happy childhood memories - a place called Porthleven in Cornwall.

This picture was taken on the 14th November at the height of the storms, and is very typical of a 'Stormy Porthleven'.  Sadly it was not me taking the picture, hey if it had been there would have been about 100 more to choose from!

There are more high winds and rain forecast for later this coming week.

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