Friday, 16 October 2009

Ten out of ten ... really??

Regular followers of the blog will know that this blog's origin is the famous 'cooked breakfast blog' which evolved from our tradition of rating cooked breakfasts.

Now as the co-founder of this tradtion Nik has been quiet on the cooked breakfast front for a long time, however a email reached me last week that stated 'i think i have found the 10 out of 10 breakfast'!  A bold statement indeed.  It did make me wonder, the poor lad has just got married, did he really get a bump on the head, or has all that dust in Australia got to his brain!

However, read on and you will find the review for a Fiji breakfast and of course the final score .. will it be 10 out of 10 ?!?

5 different types of cereal, fresh fruit, chocalate croissants, muffins, pancakes, omellettes, french toast, toast, fruit juices and of course bottomless tea and coffee.

The cooked breakie - hash browns ( some of the best ive tasted ), bacon, small snags, grilled toms ,bake beans or spagetti ,fried egg.

My only complaint would be the tea. I think they mixed the coffee and hot water jugs ,so you got a nice coffee tasting tea.

As for location, well Fiji !

Staff were great, lots bulas ( hello ) and there was always plenty of food which was cooked fresh at the service area.

Although i thought this was a ten whilst i was there after much consideration im going to down grade it to a nine. The reason being, I think theres a ten out there, maybe a little cafe in hawaii in front of pipeline or maybe one day will find it in Westward Ho!

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