Sunday, 11 January 2009

Little Chef, Axminster, Devon - 11th Jan 09

The Butlers are on there travels again with our yearly pilgrimage to Cornwall.

First stop was the Little Chef at Axminster in Devon which is a previously visited venue, however on this occasion we had Poppy with us which meant that things like having a high chair available came into play!

I went for the Early Starter breakfast and Jo went for the American Style breakfast which is pancakes and crispy bacon.

The early starter was not too bad, it comprised of a sausage, two has browns, beans, toast and a good runny egg. All the components of a good breakfast. What was it lacking, well it was a little greasy, the location was not the best and the Little Chefs are starting to look dated and have seen better days.

Having said that the staff were good, and our waitress even took Poppy's bowl and washed it for us after she had had her Wheatabix !

So overall, not too bad a start to our holiday week, and a well deserved 7.5 out of 10.

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