Monday, 17 November 2008

Sunday 16th November 2008

Simon is off today.

We go into town first thing, and have our traditional Starbucks morning coffee!

Then Poppy and I go to Mothercare and Babies R Us for bigger teats for Poppy's bottles. The we go to John Lewis to meet Simon in the shoe department.

I try on the boots I like and Simon buys them for my Christmas present. These are like mine, however, these are EMU's!!!!

Then we come home to sort the lounge out. Well, I manage to move everything around, and Simon gets on with sorting out all the cables!!!! Its like spaghetti junction behind the Sky box!

Poppy decides to be grumpy all afternoon, so I spend all the afternoon trying to get her to sleep as she is so over tired!!!

She has a feed at 5.30pm and then after 2 hours of more grumpy girl she falls asleep on me at 7.30pm!

So I put her to bed and she is fast asleep!!!!

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