Saturday, 25 October 2008

Tuesday 21st October 2008

Today we are off to Romsey with Tanya and Connor.

Simon drove himself to work today, as he is only working 2 days this week.

Tanya and Connor came and picked up at at 11am, and we set off to Romsey. Tanya works there, when she is not on maternity leave, and I have never been there before.

We parked at Tanya's work, and walked into the town. The pavements are so narrow until we get into the centre! Damn buggies!

We then have a walk around to a shop which sells all things spiritual, like stones, tarot and Angel cards and a few other weird things!

They had a market on, so I bought some really big fillets of salmon for dinner, which only cost £5!!! Bargain!

We then went for a coffee and fed the babes, then set off for more shops! We went in New Look, M&Co and Woolworths! I bought Poppy a pumpkin outfit from Woolies, as I have always called her my little pumpkin! Picture will follow eventually, but I have to wash the outfit first!

We then went into Southampton town centre for a wonder around and a coffee in Starbucks, and to feed grizzly babes! By that time it was gone 5pm and thought we had better go home!

We must have only got in 20 mins before Simon did!

We are both knackered from all that walking today!!!

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