Saturday, 19 April 2008

Fathers are 'shut out of birth'

The above title comes from an article on the BBC website, the link of which is below:

Jo actually sent me the article and it confirms something that we have noticed all through the pregnancy to date, which is, that the vast majority of staff that we have seen have 'ignored' me! Probably the only exception being the midwife.

We have talked about this on a number of occasions as an observation, they just don't seem to be able to communicate to two people at the same time, especially if the other person is male!

I would never raise it as an issue, in that, i want Jo and Pip to have the best care that they can get, and as long as they are both happy, then i am happy, and so far we both feel that we have.

It just seems strange that in this 'modern' day and age they don't seem able to communicate to the other person involved. I am sure some of the argument will be that they are focusing on the 'medical' care that is required, but surely a few people skills would not go amiss!

It was something that i had never thought of mentioning on here, but the BBC website article makes intresting reading, and something we have both witnessed!

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