Sunday, 24 February 2008

5 Lighthouses later!

So having got off to a good start and having the request read out on Radio 1 we headed for Kent. By half eight we were getting a little peckish so we 'diverted!' to Bluewater - for those that don't know its a shopping centre in Kent!

Breakfast done, and another Apple store visited we continued on our way to Kent and eventually turned up in Dungeness. We shortly ticked off seeing two lighthouses and then headed for Sussex!

Eastbourne was our next stop and here we sampled a very traditional lunch .. fish and chips on the pier!

2 further lighthouses were our next stop at Beachy Head!

The last lighthouse of the day was at the harbour in New Haven.

We finally arrived at our destination of Brighton just before 6pm.

Not a bad day .. 1 Shopping Centre, 1 Apple Store, 2 Piers and 5 Lighthouses!

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