Thursday, 28 August 2008

Thursday 28th August 2008

Today has been a strange one!

We were up at 4am for a feed, then I did some ironing until it was time to take Simon to the train station.

We then came home and slept until 8am, another feed!

Poppy has for some reason decided to cry every time I leave her! When I pick her up she stops!

She fell asleep on me so I put her on the sofa, asleep, on her front! Bad Mummy!!!! But Poppy was happy and she was having tummy time!

We then rushed out the door to the "1st time parenting course". This was the first of 6 sessions. Today we learnt about crying and sleeping! What a waste of time! Apparently the main aim of the group is to bring new mums together! I was hoping to learn something.

I already have my group of friends, and although I would love to meet lots of people, I can just see my life becoming so busy I would have no time for me and Poppy, or Daddy!!!!

I love our weekly meetings with all the girls, and I don't feel I want any more. Is that bad of me? I don't think so! I think it is being sensible and knowing when to stop and rest! A very hard lesson I have learnt over the last 12 weeks.

Anyway, I learnt nothing and will probably not go back.

I am off to Weight Watchers with Ness tonight! It is time for me to fight the fat which is clinging to my size zero body! I need the incentive and a swift kick up the bum to get back to my sexy size 8! (like I was ever that to start with!)

It's a shame really, when I was pregnant for the last 2 months, at least, I felt my body was fulfilling its shapely purpose! My fat just looked like a great curvy body, didn't look fat at all, just filled with Poppy! I have to admit I miss that feeling of having her in me and feeling her move and jiggle around.

Now, I know what you are thinking. You always bloody moaned about it!!! Yes, that is true, but it was a good moan, and even with all the finger pricking, blood tests and pill taking, I miss my bump!

Don't go panicking, I am not getting broody just yet! We are enjoying Poppy far too much to introduce more chaos into our lives!!!

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